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that's what you got
Saturday, January 16, 2010


2 dyas in a row, i've been watching American Idol 9 auditions. OMG ! super hilarious. *LOL . especially, for those who doesn't even got the talent but they believe they have. they shown up in front of the judges and .. 'HEY, I'M THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL, man' *sigh. really \? your confident doesn't worth it if your talent ZERO. i don't mean to be rude. but yeah , you judge what you see . people do that. hahaha. the sad things is, when the judges trying to be nicer to them and tell the truth , they just can't accept the fact. ohh poor little kids. try next year, maybe your talent growth afterwards. (:

pfft , actually not everyone is terrible. theres also a
'talent alert' to watch out. once they got it, BANG ! you can't even imagine it. their voice is hypnotize who ever heard it. *pssst , i'm one of those. hahaha. wow if only i own one of those voices then it would be great. haaha OK cut the crap. i know i can't, it's impossible. anyway, i'm expecting more talents in the next episodes. can't wait !

** hmm , i'm wondering what kind of expressions my face would gave me if i've got a
golden ticket to Hollywood . maybe something like when Kelly Clarkson wins her firss Grammy Award? she's SPEECHLESS and CRYING. *LMAO . errr , that's too much i guess . haha . maybe i'm just SMILING at my bed . that would be enough . haha