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Love Just Is .
Sunday, July 12, 2009
11 JULY 2009

For me , love is not a game
you should be playing with if
you think you can handle
it before you know what love is .

It needs two hearts ,

two peoples and It
would be one as LOVE .

YES ! Till now , I'm still searching
one that will suit well with me .

NO , I'm not fussy when it comes
to this matter . It's just ,
Hard to see two heart will be
seperated eventhough they use
to shared their love together .

Love is not about take it and leave it .
It takes more than that .
You will know when you already own someone
who you can described him/her as your love .

So , take your time when
it come to your love story .
Don't be too rush .

Yet , for me ..
If I have someone there for me no matter
what , is just one of the most amazing
things in this world and blow me away If I
Heard him whispered those three words
( I LOVE YOU ) through my ears .

To never really be alone cause I know
that person is thinking of me
And missing me (how sweet is that) :)
It just one of those
wonderful things in this world.

Sound crappy for a
person like me who don't
know anything about love
bubbling about it . (:
Huh , I use to have it(LOVE) ,
but I lost it 2 years ago , untill now .

But , believe me babe/dude .
Once I found and love someone ,
Forever I will kept him as mine (: